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This section contains samples of photos that have been submitted to us. The purpose is to help you get an idea of how we rate photos and also to give you some ideas for your own photos.

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We use this simple rating system to give you an idea how we view submitted photos. Read the sample description for our comments on individual photos.

  • Very Good Photo = Very Good Photo, just what we are looking for.
  • Good Photo = Good Photo, marginal but still acceptable.
  • Bad Photo = We were not able to use this photo.

You can click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view. All photos have been compressed for the web.

Click for Sample GallerySample Set #1 Harmony - This is the first set sent by this photographer. I chose this set for my first sample as it is very good overall. There are 48 photos in this set as two rolls of 24 were used rather than one of 36. Note the first photo of the two ID's. This is a always a good first photo (we deleted the personal information for obvious reasons). The strip tease starting fully clothed is a good way to start a photo session. The only unusable photos in this set were too dark, it looks as if the flash didn't fire. There were a couple of marginal photos. Note photos numbered 002 & 003 and also 042 & 043, these are overly similar poses but we still found them acceptable.

Click for Sample GallerySample Set #2 Desire - A very good real amateur which is exactly what we are looking for here. This sample contains 27 photos as a 24 exposure roll was sent that managed to get a few extras on it. This is the first roll sent by this photographer and is very good overall. The use of toys is great and there is a very nice variety of poses. We found all the photos acceptable with only a couple of minor criticisms. It would have been nice to have one fully clothed shot and more fully nude shots. The poses are a little lacking in variety, note that photo numbers 001 & 002 are overly similar.

Some More PhotoMoney Faces! - As you can see we get a wide variety of amateur models. You can do it too! Click on any of the images for a larger view.

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When you submit photos to us we will give you a password to our Members Area where you can see all the photos we have received. Just another way we say thank you and make this site more fun!

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